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We are based in the east of england and are into just about everything MTB from free riding, to XC Enduro racing, we don't like to categorize our riding, just do it. If you have any new that you would like added to the site or even just simple comments then feel free to drop me an e-mail


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New Organisers for 2008 NPS Series      08/11/2007 00:10:46
Thetford MTB Racing have been chosen as new organisers of the NPS. Full details on British Cycling, no dates yet but series will open in April at Thetford.
Thetford Winter Series      29/10/2007 01:20:50
Now that winter is upon us, the dates for this years Thetford winter series have been confirmed, this year the number of events has been increased to 4 making wider use of the Forest, details and entry forms can be be found at http://www.thetfordmtbracing.com

Winter Series Dates

Round 1 11 November, Fire Route 24 Santon Downham
Round 2 2 December, Mayday Meadow
Round 2 20 January, High Lodge Forest Centre
Round 4 10 February, Fire Road 6 Brandon Park
Dusk Till Dawn - Another successfully event      16/10/2007 13:58:02
Last weekend saw another running of the ever popular Dusk Til Dawn 12 hour over night MTB race at thetford forest, this year saw a record entry of 850 riders, as the event returned to it's original home of Mayday farm with a slightly longer (but faster) course of 11.7 miles

Race Race results



Access to Elveden Estate      26/09/2007 13:54:30
Following TIMBER's latest meeting the issue of people continuing to ride on the Elveden Estates area of Brandon Country Park has been raised by the Forestry Commission rep. Elveden Estate is private property leased to the FC for management and is also used commercially by the owners, there is no guaranteed right of access, in the past it has been purely by goodwill. Unfortunately in the past 6 months or so a small minority have blatantly ignored requests from the owners to only ride at certain times, going as far as ripping up signage to this effect. As a result the owners have now placed a blanket ban on access, this effectively puts classics such as 'Magic Carpet' and 'Landing Lights' out of bounds, although much felling has been done recently in this area anyway. To get us mountain bikers back in the Elveden Estate's owners' good books, and hopefully regain access in the future, we urge ALL riders at Thetford/Brandon to please obey the signs the FC have placed and stay clear of this area until a resolution can be reached. Until then continued breaches will only harm our cause. If anybody has any questions please go through our website/forum at http://www.timbermtb.org.
D2D Entries Full      23/09/2007 11:57:30
As of 0930, 14 Sept, We have reached our rider cap and registration is now closed for this years D2D

See you all on the 6th!!
And the slight bugget in the new feature has just been corrected
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First (and very small) part of opening this site up to it's users has been added. The News page now has a 'add news news feature' http://www.mtb-bikes.com/NewsAdd.html which will be strengthened, when it has been seen how it works out
Norfolk 100 Ride report and site stuff      10/06/2007
Dereks ride report from the Norfolk 100 ride for the British Heart Foundation has been added to the reports section and can be seen at http://www.mtb-bikes.com/GGall.... . Also a couple of changes to the site layout and Forum software have been made
2007 D2D      13/04/2007
The date is set (6-7 October) and the entry forms up for this years D2D race. Its good to see this race making it onto the calendar so early. More details at
Site and Events update      13/04/2007
The Classified section has been made a little more prominate and several events added to the Calendar